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No one wants auto insurance until they need it.

Many are often dismayed to find that when they need it, their coverage fails them.  This is preventable by collaborating with an experienced and knowledgeable agent who is passionate about insurance.  Namely us.

Insurance is frequently shopped on price but that is because everyone understands price.

What they often don't understand is what is built behind that price.  And, hey, we love a bargain ourselves, but the adage 'you get what you pay for' can apply when you go with the wrong company or the wrong coverage levels.

Insurance is a contract to transfer risk from one party to another and it is an important part of your overall financial planning.  It's not a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread. It's not pre-packaged in a "box". If you can name your own price, you are giving up something, do you know what it is?

You may not find out until you file a claim and then find out your coverage just isn't up to snuff.  Ask your body shop what they think about the companies you see on late-night TV and if they complain drill down.

Does the company pay on time; do they feel they are fair to the owner of the vehicle; do they pressure the shop to make the repairs timely (to reduce the overall cost of the claim but not lowering quality)?

Or, if you are research-minded, visit Weiss Research, A.M. Best, or Dunn & Bradstreet to see whether the company you are considering is healthy and reputable.   

Or, go with one of the top 3 in the state.

Namely us.  
This is a consumer term and not an insurance term. In general, it relates to having liability, as well as comprehensive, and collision coverage. Whether that coverage is appropriate or not...(see Mayhem).

We are passionate about insurance and about ensuring that YOU have appropriate coverage that does what is intended...protects you, those you care about and everything you've worked so hard to achieve.
Many folks take coverage based on what the law requires also knows as State Minimum.

Bear with me here a minute and answer these two questions:

If it were you that was the victim in auto accident and you were maimed, temporarily injured or killed, what would be enough for you or for your family?

Would state minimum coverage, currently $25,000, satisfy your medical bills, lost wages, or funeral costs? You might say there is no price that would be enough, and you would be right, but then shouldn't you be responsible and thoughtful about your coverage levels?

We'll help you determine what is appropriate.  


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